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Youth Massage in Edmonton, AB

We  support   starting  healthy  practices early! 

Palms Registered Massage Therapists have designed a massage session specifically for kids!

Our youth massage in Edmonton, AB, uses gentle repetitive massage strokes to give the child a feeling of relaxation. Releasing all those good hormones that calm the mind, improve sleep, and more. Some children enjoy a couples massage if the parent would like to join the child (couples massage prices apply).

Our goal is to make your child comfortable and introduce a wellness practice that can benefit them. Massage on youth isn't so much about pressure and muscle release as for parents. For children, the focus is on circulation with gentle repetitive strokes that help release good hormones and can. Youth massage in Edmonton releases a happy hormone (dopamine and decreases stress hormones (cortisol) in the body, which allows your children to deal with academic, social, and family issues. There are several proven benefits of massage in your child’s development:

It helps your child to deal with the social situations

Assist your child in life-changing situations

Helps deal with losses

Helps focus on academics

Reduce anxiety

Reduce stress

Reduce swelling - take out

Relieve pain

Relieve from rheumatoid arthritis - take out

Assist in eating disorder - take out

Assist in body image disorder

Improve the quality of sleep

Improves energy levels

Increase concentration

We support starting healthy practices early!

Therapists take the time to introduce themselves to your child and discuss what their visit will all be about. It allows your child to meet their practitioner, ask questions and feel comfortable with what to expect. Parents are asked to remain present at the clinic for their child's first visit, and future plans can be discussed with the therapist if they feel the child is okay for the parent to run an errand during their appointment. Our clinic requires a signature on our youth massage permission form by a parent or guardian before treatment.

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