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Foot scrubs & Massage

Excessive walking, barefoot, tight shoes, and daily activities make your feet tired, sore arches, discomfort, pain, and rough calluses. It is time to pamper your feet with foot scrubs and Massage in Edmonton. Palms Therapists are specialized in giving your soothing scrubs, calming the irritated spots, gently relaxing your tight muscles, and giving a silky touch to the rough feet patches.

For extra pampering, you can include an exfoliating foot scrub with hot towels in your massage sessions. Fall in love with our indulgent maple blondie foot scrub from Barefoot Venus. You'll love the amazing smell and how it leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Here are some benefits of Foot Scrub and Massage Therapy:

Relaxing the discomfort in feet

Relieve from feet pain and aches

Loosen the tight feet muscles; heels, toes, and arches

Give silky and smooth touch to the dry patches

Protection from worsening wear and tear of feet

Improves feet motion

Improves feet flexibility

Loosening tight arches, toes and heels

Improving flexibility and range of motion of the toes, feet and ankles

Relaxing the entire body

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