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Swedish massage is defined by it's classic technique where the massage therapist uses an oil or lotion to create a soothing glide whilst using repetitive manual strokes to manipulate soft tissue, increase circulation and elicit a deep sense of relaxation and calm. Our team of Registered Massage Therapists will customize your massage to be exactly what you need to feel better. A combination of traditional soothing Swedish massage with high grade oil, lotions or our ultra hydrating body butter are incorporated into each treatment  Sink into true relaxation with long gliding strokes that improve circulation, relieve stress, and make you feel restored and renewed. Swedish massage therapy techniques are know to:

- Improve blood circulation, immune system & sleep

Lower blood pressure & heart rate

- Reduce anxiety & stress

 - Reduce swelling & ischemia

- Assist in management & reduction of pain caused by muscle and joint soreness

- Help you connect to your body; feel more centered and focused

Relaxation / Swedish Massage

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