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Monk Massage

Time for some peace & quiet with a silent 'Monk massage' exclusive to Palms! This special service is sure to allow optimal focuses on your body and mind's relaxation. Soft music or guided meditations are available to clients during this service while your practitioner will encourage you to relax your mind and thoughts and refrain from chatting or conversation. The daily practice of silence has been shown to positively affect blood pressure, mental health, and stress levels. Any of our services can be requested as a monk massage. Embrace the emotional and physical benefits of getting a Monk massage in Edmonton/silent massage while focusing entirely on your body and mind without distraction.

Calm the mind

Improve mindfulness and mental awareness

Improve productivity

Increase focus and concentration

Feel energetic

Relieve pain

Boost relaxation

Relieve from depression, stress, and anxiety

Lower blood pressure

Improve sleep

Lower heart rate

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