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Deep Tissue Massage

The best deep tissue massage in Edmonton is a therapeutic blend of Orthopedic Deep Tissue and soothing long gliding strokes with the perfect pressure to relieve chronic muscle pain and loosen knots. This massage aids in restoration and recovery from sports injuries and reduces scar tissue in muscles. When you book massage therapy, feel free to express to your Registered Massage Therapist if you'd like deep tissue massage. Our deep massage therapy is 100% tailored to suit your individual needs and the pressure of your preference.

Deep tissue massage in Edmonton realigns your muscle tissues with connective layers, releasing tension with deep finger pressure and slow strokes in your muscles, fascia, and tendons. It loosens tight muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders. Unlike a typical body massage, deep tissue massage is not just relaxing but offers many physical benefits:

Relieves chronic pain

Improve joint movement if you have limited mobility

Improve posture

Increase flexibility

Improves muscle looseness

Release muscle tension

Relieves osteoarthritis pain

Recover from a sports injury and strain injury

Boosts tissue restoration

It helps recover from a whiplash injury, falls, etc.

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