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Tension Headache Treatment

Great for extra support from headaches caused by tension & stress, our tension headache massage therapy treatment in Edmonton, AB will offer relief and prevention.


This massage session will not only entail focus on the areas you need it most, but includes some extra therapeutic add-on's to enhance your restorative experience.

We start by using a therapeutic application of heat to the shoulder area which can help warm the muscles and prepare them for a muscle melting massage with our mint body butter. 


The tingly spearmint and peppermint combo feels great and aromatically relieves headache symptoms. Combined with hot towels to elicit feelings of true relaxation as they often promote the bodies release of pain combating hormones.


If you haven't yet tried, head and jaw massage can be extremely relieving and can prevent future headaches. The scalp has thin muscles allover it that shouldn't be forgotten and massage on areas like the temples, face and head have been known to help the entire body and mind reach a deeper states of relaxation. 


As if that wasn't enough the head and neck massage will include our hand made tension headache relieving aromatherapy oil made from jojoba, rosemary and other delightful yet mild essential oils. Keep the great feelings going by taking home a complimentary care package too which includes bath salts, green tea, muscle rub and more!

60 minutes 
$ 120
90 minutes 
$ 165
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