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Couples Massage

Balancing is the art of living which becomes challenging when you don’t have much time to spend with your partner or spouse. This couple massage is designed to relax any pair. Our couples massage in Edmonton, AB is in a beautiful massage room, large enough for two massage tables to be placed side by side. Make time out of your busy schedule and indulge in a muscle-relaxing experience with your partner.

Edmonton couples massage allows each partner to choose their perfect massage solution. Maybe your partner loves the hot stones healing massage and you want body butter massage. It could be that you are pregnant and find it more relaxing and stress-free with the maternity massage and your partner can choose deep tissue massage to relieve tension in their body muscles. Here are some things you can only enjoy in a couple massage Edmonton, AB:

Company of your partner, spouse, or loved one

Spending relaxing time together

Indulging into the same or different massage therapy of your choices

All physical and mental benefits of the massage therapy you choose

Two Registered Massage Therapists accommodate each client's custom massage therapy needs while you have the option to snooze or chat together. We are happy to accommodate pregnancy clients, foot scrubs, & body butter massage into our couples massage services. Email us to book your relaxing couples massage Edmonton, AB.

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